PROPOSED MEETINGS IN 2018 (all meetings are held at the Minnesota
Genealogical Society in Mendota Heights, unless stated otherwise).
Social time 1 pm. Meeting at 1:30 pm. Visitors are always welcome.

We are open to suggestions regarding our 2018 meeting schedule.

Jan 6 2018 - Germans in Jerusalem

Feb 3 - The February meeting will have two parts. Members may/will bring something related to Pommern: a letter, recipe, photo, or artifact, and will tell about it. The second part will be an opportunity to learn about life in Pommern. You are invited to use the PRG books and maps. We also hope that many will bring their electronic device (laptop, tablet, etc) to do some quick research from suggested or Google-assisted sites. Members will be looking for information to learn about every-day life in Pommern.

March 3 - Heart of Pomerania. There should be a short presentation about the ships our ancestors came over on.
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