All meetings are held at the Minnesota Genealogy Center
in Mendota Heights, unless stated otherwise.
Social time 1 pm. Meeting at 1:30 pm. Visitors are always welcome.

We are open to suggestions regarding our 2019 meeting schedule.

You will sometimes see other Pommern related events mixed in to these listings

Feb 2 - Heart of Pommern

March 2 - Lois Edwards will provide a presentation on Writing My Pomeranian Family History. She will include some photos of the two Kreise that her family came from.

April 6 - Diane Schmidt will show us some tips and tricks to help us get better research results from

May 4 - "Auf Wiedersehen" Everyone who ever lived in Pommern before 1945 had been an immigrant or emigrant, or sometimes both. Margie Deutsch presented why this was true and what were the main reasons for the emmigration of 250,500 Pommerns from 1871-1900.

Saturday, June 1 - Jeanne Bielke-Rodenbiker, a librarian in the Hennepin Co. library system, will tell how these libraries can help with genealogy research and what is available on the 4th floor at the Minneapolis Central Library. (Did you know that you are now able to go into the stacks?) If you live in Minnesota outside of Hennepin County, you can register your local library card with Hennepin County Library.

June 8 & 9- Deutsche Tage
Saturday, June 8, 11 AM – 10 PM/ Sunday, June 9 11 AM – 5 PM
Traditional and modern Germany will be represented at this year’s Deutsche Tage. Enjoy
German food, beer, music, and culture at St. paul’s oldest ethnic festival. Free with food,
drink, and goods for sale. Both PRG and GGS will have informational tables there.
Volunteers are still needed to staff the tables. E-mail Margie Deutsch, to volunteer for the PRG table.
For more info see their website

Sunday, June 30 - Pommerntag
Noon - 5:30pm, Rotary Park, 4100 Highland Rd., Mequon, WI
Pommerntag means Pomeranian Day and is a one-day celebration of all things Pomeranian. This year is the 44th annual celebration with free admission and parking. Entertainment includes Pomeranian dance groups and a Pomeranian band. The cultural building has displays, free access to the Pedigree Database of over 172,000 names, and genealogical research help. And of course there will be Pomeranian food and drink. For more information please visit their website.

July 6 - Regular Pommern Meeting at MGC

August 3 - Ellen Puff, PRG VP, teacher, author, will present her genealogical research ideas, successes, and surprises along the way with the PRG of MN. After 17 years of exhaustive research locally, she traveled into the heart of what was Eastern Germany to a small village that does not see many tourists. In fact, she was the first American many locals had ever seen; She was interviewed by the local press on the second day of her two week visit. Ellen also was given a private tour of a castle where her ancestors lived. Please come to see wonderful pictures and stories of travel into central Germany.

September 7 - Chris DeWuske, editor and administrator of My Pomerania website, will give a talk on his trip to the past region of Pomerania . He will tell us of his experiences using the current archives etc.

October 5 -

November 2

December 7 -