We are working on our 2017 meeting schedule.

Feb 4 - Regular meeting Sorry, a last minute change causses us to reschedule Karen Anderson's talk. Jim Neuenfeldt will talk about a few of the villages he visited on his 2016 trip.
March 4 - Heart of Pomerania. There should be a short presentation on one of the Kaszubia  villages.
April 1 - German  version of the Titanic brief history how it was made
May 6 - Karen will give a talk. Her talk is on the Rivers of Pomerania.
June 3 - Margie Deutsch will provide guidance on reading the old German Script
July 1 - We will dedicate this meeting to Research
Aug 5 - This meeting is cancelled because it comes on the heals of the IGGP International Conference.
Sep 2 - Paul will speak about Internet Resources for Pomeranian Genealogy, his talk from the IGGP Conference
October 7 - Don Schultz will talk about Religion in Pommern
November 4 - Annual PRG Meeting Joint PRG/PGS.
December 2 -