Useful Web Sites for Pommern Genealogy Researchers

Conference Info

For those wishing to travel to Germany for a genealogy conference. October 5-7 2018 in Melle Germany:



One of the best town locators online. Will also tell you if anyone else is researching that town.


Create a timeline for someone in your family tree.

Google images, put your German village name in, and your Polish village name in.

Frequently asked questions for researchers.

German genealogy – Pomerania.

An interesting collection of helpful links from researchers in Poland.

Death certificates, 1907 – 2001, at the Minnesota History Center Library.

Pommern Datenbank – What towns in Pommern have civil or church records. Put in the name of your town.

Pommern Kontakte – Who else is researching your name.

See if there is a whole message board regarding your family name. Click on alphabet.

Passenger search for Ellis Island 1892-1924.

Click on all record collections and type in Minnesota.

Gunthard Stuebs website with many links to literature and addressbooks. 


Palace/Hotel Matzdorf/Maciejewo

Hotel Podewils

Kreis Websites

Web page for Kreis Rummelsburg

Web page for Kreis Belgard.

Web page for Kreis Stolp.

Web page for Kreis Cammin.

Web pages for Kreis Schlawe.

Web page for Kreis Deutsch Krone

Web page for Kreis Naugard.


Web page for Kreis Lauenberg

Web page for Kreis Lauenburg.

Photos of Kreis Schlochau

Web page for Kreis Kolberg-Körlin.

Web page for Kreis Pyritz.


Best DNA Testing and Ancestry Websites

This guide will walk you through all your options when choosing a DNA testing company or ancestry website.

Coats of Arms for German towns.

Buy flags of Pommerania, East or West Prussia.


Find old postcards. Choose online shop at the bottom.

German Specialty Imports of Prior Lake, Minnesota

Google language tools. Click on language tools and choose the languages to translate to and from

The Germanic American Institute in Saint Paul, Minnesota

German American Chamber of Commerce - Minn. Chapter