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With hundreds of postcards, pre-war and post-war photos, collected over ten years by the Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota, Pommern Revisited (a color revised version of Pommeranian Genealogy, Culture and History) is alphabetically organized with 43 topics from Amber to Writing Your Story. Heartfelt recollections of manor home life, farm life, seasons and holidays have been assembled in this work, as well as useful tips for traveling in Poland and using the archives. Every Pommern county/Kreis has a written description with photos, making this a useful guide for all Pommerns with 408 pages and over 1,300 color and b/w photos. Price reduced! Was $49 - Now $40 

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Paul SternbergPaul Sternberg has been to Pommern three times especially Schlochau, Rummelsburg, and Neustettin. He has traveled 2,300 miles over the area and has taken over 3,500 photos. He has a great interest in the area churches. His ancestors came from Schlochau.

Jerry SavageJan SavageCo-authors Janice and Jerry Savage have been to Pommern nine times! They enjoy vacationing in Naugard/Nowogard. As seen here, Jerry makes instant friends wherever he goes.
Janice Savage enjoys the history and research of the area as well as the natural beauty. Her ancestors came from Naugard and Dramburg.


Table of Contents

1 Introduction 23 Hymn of Pommer
2 Where do I start? 24 LDS Microfilms
3 Amber 25 Manor Homes
4 Archaeology 26 Maps
5 Archives 27 Money
6 Books 28 Newsletters and Organizations in Germany
7 Border Changes 29 Photos of your village
8 Brick Wall Ideas 30 Place of origin - How to Find It
9 Cemeteries & Memorials 31 Postcards
10 Churches 32 Professions and Occupations
11 Church Records 33 Railroads
12 Costumes 34 Recipes
13 Counties/Kreise** 35 Seasons
14 DNA 36 Ships
15 E-mail lists 37 Surnames
16 Farm Life 38 Travel Tips
17 Gates and Towers 39 U. S. Pommern Groups
18 German Alphabet and Script 40 Village Life
19 Glossary 41 War, Flight and Expulsion
20 Heimat Treffen - Homeland Meetings 42 Websites
21 History 43 Writing your story
22 Holidays and Festivals    

** Anklam, Arnswalde, Belgard, Bublitz, Bütow, Cammin, Demmin, Deutsch Krone, Dramburg, Flatow, Franzburg-Barth, Friedeberg, Greifenberg, Greifenhagen, Greifswald, Grimmen, Kolberg, Köslin, Lauenburg, Naugard, Netzekreis, Neustettin, Pyritz, Randow, Regenwalde, Rügen, Rummelsburg, Saatzig, Schivelbein, Schlawe, Schlochau, Schneidemühl, Stargard, Stettin, Stolp, Stralsund, Ueckermünde, Usedom-Wollin