FAQs About Pommern Research

How can I tell if there are records for my village?
You can tell if there are church or civil records for your town by typing the name of your town into this website:
How can I tell if someone else is researching my Pommern surname?
Type in your name at this site:
Where can I see a map of my county the way it was before 1945?
There are a couple of different sources we recommend. One is the
Fritz R. Barran Städte Atlas of Pommern by Rautenberg showing
Pommern city maps and county maps. It is a nice in that all county
maps are in there, though not all major cities. A city map is
helpful if you wish to visit their cemetery. The book fits nicely
onto a photocopier.
The second map, a must have, is a Kreis/County map from the
Pommersche Verein Freistadt Group in Wisconsin. This map will show
you the location of the cemeteries and churches near your village. A
loop or magnifying glass is advisable.
How can I tell if my village is still there today and what its name is?
If you obtain a Hoefer Verlag map it will show you the German name
it used to have and the Polish name it currently has. It will also
show you current roads you can use to get to your village.
Can I search my village online?
Yes, there are two sites we recommend.
Kartenmeister www.kartenmeister.com
and JewishGen ShtetlSeeker if you are not sure of the spelling