Greifswald Landeskirchliches Archive

Landeskirchliches Archiv der Pommerschen Evangelischen Kirche. Photo by Jerry Savage
NOTE: Some time ago this Ev. church archive had been closed until further notice - until a new facility is found. This archive is no longer staffed and all church books, etc. is stored at another location which cannot be visited for personal research. It is possible to submit written requests for an additional fee to the church district archive at:
Pomeranian Evangelical Church District
Church District Archives
Karl-Marx-Platz 15
17489 Greifswald
Tel. 03834-89 63 122
Fax. 03834-89 63 166
Address: Rudolf-Petershagen-Allee 3 17489 Greifswald, Germany
Telephone: (011-49) 57-25-33 Fax: (011-49) 57-25-36
In this archive are stored church evangelical Lutheran books from Pomeranian churches, some dated as early as 1642. The latest entries end in 1945. Advance reservations are required. The archive is closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. They are open Tuesday-Thursday 8am-3pm and on Friday 8am-12noon. Before starting research there is a form which has to be completed. The person at the archived did not speak English or give any help with research. They do not provide photocopies, as the books are very fragile. They have a publication which lists the village church books available with the dates and contents of their archive.
You are allowed to photograph family records, but no flash. You can use a digital camera and laptop computer or photo downloader so you are not limited on photos in case you hit the jackpot with family records. A light weight tripod would be of great help. I moved the book only, not the camera. I photographed an entire page at a time - no time to keep adjusting camera for one entry. I looked through a book and marked family entries with strips of paper and then photographed all at one time. Lighting is good with plenty of table space to do research. The cost per day to research was minimal.
We brought along our lunch and ate at a picnic table outside. Take along energy bars for a quick bite outside the building (or in the bathroom) instead of taking time for lunch. Be sure to ask for the rest room to wash up before touching the old books again. No food is allowed around the books and no sticky hands. The staff was friendly and helpful, a wonderful place to do research!
At Greifswald you will have to fill out a research form that we have translated into English for you here. Take this along if you want.