Schlochau, Köslin and others

The town hall in Schlochau.

Urzad Miejski
7-300 Czluchow
Urzed Stanu Cywilnego
woj. pomorskie
If you are looking for records that are less than 100 years old you may find what you are looking for at the local town hall of the county capital. It is useful to question the town hall records department with a translator. You will probably have to fill out a Polish form too. Records older than 100 years are sent to the local archive. In Pommern the largest archives are in Stettin and Koeslin. Smaller archives can be found in large cities like Neustettin, Plathe, Stargard, and Stolp. Sometimes the Town Hall houses a county museum too.

Rummelsburg Town Hall
Here is an old picture of the town hall in Rummelsburg. No one we know has done any research here. If you have please tell us about it.
Urzad Stanu Cywilnego
ul. Grunwaldska 1
Miasta i Gminy
77-200 Miastko
Woj. Pomorskie

The archive in Köslin/Koszalin with pre-1945 records.

Note: There are two archives in Köslin. One with records
before 1945 and one with records after 1945.
Oddzia³ I (materia³y archiwalne do 1945 r.)
(Branch 1, archival materials up to 1945.)
75-625 Koszalin
ul. gen. Andersa 38
tel. 342-48-70
The archive in Köslin/Koszalin with post-1945 records.
Archivum Panstowe w Koszalinie
ul. Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie 2
75-950 Koszalin (archive with post 1945 records)
skr. poczt. 149
Tel./Fax 0048 – 94 – 342 26 22, 0048 - 94 - 346 21 81
Hours: 8am-3pm Mon-Fri.
About the pre-1945 archive with German materials:
I visited the Köslin Archives this past September to look at the Lupow church books. We made an appointment ahead of time through a German friend - I tried to do it myself but they don't answer emails, even in Polish. Since we had only one possible day to visit the archive, I also wrote them a letter in Polish (I had it translated) and asked them to send me a reply verifying our reservation, which they did. I had noted in the letter what records we wanted to look at -I was told this is a good idea - they can have them ready for you.
My husband and I arrived at the Gromada Hotel the night before and then took a taxi to the archives. (our rental car was in the hotel's secure parking lot.) The building is in a nice park setting in the middle of Koszalin, but the building itself is an old communist block grey cement building with grafitti on the outside. We had our taxi driver ring the bell and wait for us to be let in. Once inside, the interior is ok - kind of like an old public school. The archive is on the top, up 5 flights of stairs. Once there, we had to fill out forms and give information including our passport numbers (so bring your passport). The research room is very small - it has about 8 places. My husband and I shared a table. Once of the women, who spoke quite good English (I was surprised because I was told the archive employees only spoke Polish and German) brought us the original church books - not microfilm. Together my husband and I looked at 3 different Lupow church books. However, even though there are no signs forbidding photos, DO NOT take any photos - my husband took non-flash digital photos and one of the people in the next room saw him, ran and told the archive lady, who yelled at my husband. At least she didn't take the film or camera! We arrived when the archive opened at 8 AM and stayed until they closed at 3 PM. I brought a water bottle with and went out in the hall to drink it, away from the church books. There is a bathroom on the floor - very old but clean and functional.
There is no possibility of photo copies. I would not even consider bringing any food, even to eat in the hall - I figured they could not complain about water. After we left the archive, we were so happy to be outside, we did not take a taxi back to the hotel, but walked back through the city, which seemed to be perfectly safe and interesting. I did find much good information about my ancestors.
Susan Biedron
See also:
for a list of their holdings.

The archive in Slupsk is a branch of the one in Koeslin.
Archiwum Panstwowe w Koszalinie Oddzial w Slupsku
PL 76 200 Slupsk
ul. W. Lutoslawskiego 17
Tel (59) 42-23-27 or try (0-59) 842-54-13
Fax (59) 842-23-27

Neustetin Archives
The Szczecinek/Neustettin Archive
The archive in Neustettin is also a branch of the one in Koeslin.
Archiwum Panstwowe w Szczecinku
ul. Parkowa 4
PL-78-400 SZCZECINEK, Polska

The Plathe/Ploty Archive
Archiwum Panstwowe
ul. Zamkowa 2

The Stargard/Stargard Szczecinski Archive
Archiwum Panstwowe
ul. Basztowa 2


The Polish State Archives have listed their holdings at this
This website is difficult to use if one does not speak/read Polish.

Greifswald Library
The newly rebuilt University of Greifswald Library.
Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahnstraße/Rudolf-Petershagen-Allee on the University Campus, Greifwald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
The University of Greifswald Library boasts 1.3 million books, and newspapers on Pommern. They do not lend out the books so you must go
there in person.