Pommern Regional Group

Welcome to our 2020 website!

As a sub-group of the Germanic Genealogy Society, we attempt to preserve Pommern Culture and History within our Genealogy. Look for the link to their website in the left side menu.
Our new site will be a bit of a work in progress while we transfer all our data and photos from the old site. If you see any problems or catch any errors, please don't hesitate to contact the Webmaster. If there was something you hoped to find here and didn't, let us know that also.

International Germanic Genealogy

PRGMN is active in this partnership. We no longer have a page on our website explaining this group.
You will find a link in our menu that will take you to their site.

History of the Pommern Regional Group

How did we get started? When did we get started? Who runs this thing? Have you ever asked these questions? Even if you haven't, would you like to know the answers? The collaboration of three authors brought all of this together in a five-page document for your reading pleasure. We hope you enjoy reading what they have assembled. 

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June 5
History of Kreis Flatow
The program is a brief history of Kreis Flatow (Powiat Zlotow) through its many governmental and village name changes, with a short list of economic and cultural items. Included are a few photos of towns ...
July 3
Finally Found the Town of Origin
Member Cliff Turnbull will tell of his long search to identify his Pommern ancestors town - and his visit there. More to come.   Members will receive an email link to this meeting once it is ...
August 7
12:00 pm
More on Cliff's Ancestor's Pommern Town
Cliff and a friend in Poland will tell what they found in the near-by area of the ancestors town. Meeting via Zoom at noon because of the time difference. More info to come.
September 4
Tips on Using Archion
Member Don Schultz will talk about the website Archion.de
October 2
Looking for more Presentations
We have slots available for your presentation on October 2nd and December 4th.   Please let us know your thoughts or ideas. president@prgmn.org