Pommern Regional Group

Mission / Purpose

Our Group Purpose is to:
  • Stimulate interest in the genealogy and history of Pommern/Pomerania
  • Collect, preserve and publish genealogical and historical information
  • Collect materials about Pommern
  • Provide a forum to share research methods and information
  • To further the research of our Pommern ancestors

Operating Year: January - December 2022

Board Members
President: Margie Deutsch
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Diane Schmidt
Treasurer: Bob Rowe
Membership: Vacant
Member At Large: Janet Mitchell
Member At Large: Kevin Miller
Member At Large: Gaylene Poretti
Member At Large: Charles Dix
Member At Large: Carol Jackson
Webmaster: Bob Rowe

Meeting Info

Our monthly meetings at the MGC are cancelled for the time being. We hope to resume some time in 2022.