Pommern Regional Group
New Membership

We always welcome new members.
NOTE: Online Join is only for new members joining for the first time.
Renewing members can do so by logging on first unless your membership has already expired by more than 45 days. In that case you can either mail your dues along with the Application, or by contacting Membership@prgmn.org
Once you start the join process you can back out at any time until you hit the final Submit Button.

For all who live withing a 150 mile radius of Mendota Heights [Twin Cities], your dues are $18.00

For all who live outside that radius, your dues are $15.00

If you prefer an older method of joining, you may download and print our Application in PDF format. You will, of course, need Adobe Reader to view and print. Some browsers will display a PDF within a new tab.


Membership Plan:
Select Membership Plan:
Membership Plans Offered:
Plan Name For Maximum Associated Members Annual Fee Description
Individual w/in 150 mi. Person(s) 1 $18.00
Family w/in 150 mi. Person(s) 2 $18.00
Individual >150 mi. Person(s) 1 $15.00
Family >150 mi. Person(s) 2 $15.00