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View Record  3-00-041842-6 "Vertrieben - und Vergessen?"
View Record  1692 – 1709 Swedish Land Survey of Vorpommern Alan Moll
View Record  650 Jahre Neustettin 1310-1960 (2 copies)
View Record  0-9644337-2-9 Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes, Die (2 copies) Compiled by Thomas Kent Edlund
View Record  Alan Moll’s Pommern Ancestors Alan Moll
View Record  Alan Moll’s Pommern Ancestral Villages Alan Moll
View Record  3-356-101381- Alte Pommern, Das D. Schleinert / J. Wartenberg
View Record  0-88082-004-7 American & British Genealogical Heraldry Wm. Filby
View Record  ARS Pomerania
View Record  Arte collection of Wiza
View Record  Atlas of the German Empire 1892
View Record  Atlas Polski
View Record  3-7701-1242-3 Barock-Schloß, Das - Geschichte und Architektur Rolf Hellmut Foerster
View Record  0-9644337-5-3 Beginners Guide to Germanic Genealogy Lois Edwards
View Record  Beginning Research in Germany - Intro to German American Genealogy GGS
View Record  Bensel and Glander Families of Buffalo County, WI
View Record  3-89917-369-7 Berlin & Pottsdam
View Record  3-940752-01-7 Berlin & Pottsdam - global guides
View Record  0-312-24437-1 Berlin - A Portrait of Its History, Politics, Architecture, and Society Giles MacDonogh
View Record  3-930863-74-7 Berlin Wall, The
View Record  3-926526-40-8 Bernkastel-Kues - Colourphoto Guide to the Town
View Record  3-7686-2078-6 Bestandsverzeichnis Teil I - Inventory of Church Records of Eastern Provinces - Posen - E & W Prussia - Pommern - Silesia
View Record  3-88189-446-2 Bildwerk Pommer, Das Kraft / Naujck
View Record  0-87351-200-6 Bohemian Flats, The
View Record  0-9717907-0-1 Borne on the Danube - A Danube Swabian Story Ruth Elizabeth Melcher
View Record  Bote, Der - Newsletter of German American Heritage Foundation - and other selelect Newsletters - GAFA etc
View Record  Camp Papers - Lagerzeitungen - The German POW Newspapers at Camp Algona, Iowa 1944-46 edited by Michael Luick-Thrams
View Record  3-88132-202-7 Casper David Friederich
View Record  Church at Hoff - Kreis Greifenberg, The
View Record  Churches of County Schlochau Paul Sternberg
View Record  0-9895915-1-5 City in Flames, The - A Child's Recollection of WWII in Würzburg, Germany Elisabeth Von Berrinberg
View Record  Danube-Swabians in the Pannonian Basin, A new German Ethnic Group, The Anton Tafferner, Josef Schmidt, Josef Volkmar Senz
View Record  0-9731303-4-2 Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929 - 3rd Edition
View Record  0-9615420-0-4 Decipher Germanic Records, If I can you can Edna M. Bentz
View Record  Deutsches Geschlechterbuch - Pommern10 Band 191 C.A. Starke
View Record  Deutschland Alpen – Europa 2009 – 2010
View Record  3-935749-70-1 Dorfkirchen im Historischen Kreis Greifenburg, Die Baatz, Buske, Lissok
View Record  Dresden Frauenkirche, The
View Record  0-13-220427-4 Driving Tours - Germany
View Record  Ellis Island Collection
View Record  English-Polish-Kashub Dictionary Stanislaw Frymark
View Record  Entering Germany 1944-1949
View Record  Eppling in Pommern - Family History
View Record  3-88189-484-5 Erinnerung an Pommern Klaus Granzow
View Record  83-933968-1-8 Es War So Eine Stadt / Schneidermühl auf Alten - Post Karten 1896-1944
View Record  3-7973-0973-2 Facts About Germany - Also have German version (Tatschen über Deutschland)
View Record  0-87351-469-6 Family History Resources at the Minnesota Historical Society, A Guide to
View Record  Family of Johann Miller - Kreis Anklam
View Record  Favorite Recipes of Pommern Cooks - PVF
View Record  1-4759-3882-1 Fighting for Road Apples (2 copies) Erika C. Stevenson
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Records: 1 to 50 of 239